Monday, December 3, 2007


Thanks for your sock encouragement. :-) I wish it was just picking up the stitches at the gusset that was the only problem though. If it was, yes, I could just have someone show me how and hopefully I would get it (!) and move on with the sock. But there are several other wonky things before even getting to that. I don't even know how to explain it! There's a weird section of stitches at the base of the heel that aren't in the picture in the book; somehow it looks like there are more rows on one side of the heel flap than the other which I don't get if I was working back and forth, how that could happen; and then there are some extra stitches to the side of the heel turn that I don't think are supposed to be there. Also with those rows being off, I have no idea if I have the right number of rows in the heel flap or not. See it's just a mess! :-)

I hope to make it to tomorrow night's Knit Night and get a little help, at least figure out what went wrong and maybe I can try to fix it at home. Meanwhile I have a good start on my felted bag, am about 1/3 done with the dishcloth, and I FINISHED Lindsey's scarf. It's quite basic and could really use some fringe or something but it ain't happening! It's DONE and I never want to look at it again (except on my daughter). LOL It's nothing special and has a few little holes and mistakes, but it really was a good project for me just to get the hang of knitting and purling. It really did help me master purling, I even *like* to purl now.

I will try to get a picture of the scarf up in the next few days.


jessica said...

I now sometimes find myself looking forward to purling! for the change of pace :O) Can't wait to see a pic!

Chris said...

Well good luck on your socks at your knit night. I don't know how to do magic loop, so I can't really be much help. Hope that you aren't snowed in.

Brenda said...

Turning the heel? Oh my gosh, that kept me from knitting socks for years. Here's a link that might help: (not my website, but it does have great photos) Essentially, you will be knitting to just father than the middle of the heel and then knit/purl back and forth adding stitches on each side until you are back on the outside. Like knitting a V, from the middle out.

Good Luck, and if I can help, I'm on the socknitters group as ruddawg. I live near Janesville, WI