Saturday, December 22, 2007


I LOVE knitting podcasts!!! I am so addicted, it's crazy. I have listed all the ones I listen to on my sidebar. I tried out many many more than that but they didn't make the cut. :-) There are two VERY popular podcasts that I! Get ready to gasp, they are Cast On and Lime & Violet. I listened to about 10 episodes each and did not like either one.

My absolute favorites are The Knitting Cook, Stash & Burn, Socks in the City, She-Knits, Yarn Thing, Knit Picks, Knit Spirit, Sticks and String, Pointy Sticks, and Damknit. (She swears an awful lot in that last podcast but I really like her style.) I also really like It's a Purl, Man which took about 5 or 6 episodes to grow on me. Some of the podcasts I have listed haven't done a new episode in a long time so I'm not sure if they're done or not. I know Unwound is finished after 12 episodes which is a huge bummer since I just recently found that one and I love it. I've listened to half so far. Socks in the City is a hoot!

I tried to start at the very first episode of each podcast if possible. Some of them didn't start with #1 in iTunes. Then I went through and listened to each subsequent episode until I caught up. I'm still not caught up on some of them.

If you haven't listened to a knitting podcast yet, give it a try! But beware, it's addicting. :-)

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LeAnn said...

Just found your blog thru Christian Knitters web-ring. Your Westie caught my eye right away. Aren't they just the best little dogs? I have a 3 year old male Westie and a 6 month old Cairn.
BTW - I have to agree with your dislike of Lime & Violet - a little too much of the "party girl" feel for me. I do like Cast On, though I don't always agree with Brenda's philosphy. Another one you might want to give a listen to is Purl Diving.