Sunday, December 9, 2007


I think! :-) I frogged back to the end of the leg rounds again and redid everything. I got some input regarding that weird section of stitches that I was confused about - I just redid it according to the instructions, disregarding my confusion about it, and this time it doesn't look so strange.

Last time my heel turn was not centered - this time it is and I figured out why! Last time I was looking at the wrong number for the heel flap and I did 26 rows instead of 24. DUH.

So now I am to the point of picking up the stitches at the heel flap. I'm not sure if I want to just give it a try on my own or wait until the next Knit Night. I will probably give it a whirl since I'm not sure if I can make it to this Tuesday's get together and there won't be another one until after Christmas.

I'll try to get a pic up later - gotta run as it's almost time for the Packer game!



Chris said...

I was just thinking that it won't be that long that you will be zipping along making socks marveling at all the trouble the first one gave you Way to go.

Lynne said...

Eileen - Stop over at my blog - you won a book!