Sunday, October 28, 2007


I knew I'd be the first person ever not to be able to knit socks. I can't even do the gauge swatch. I am trying to learn Magic Loop and all I get is a tangled mess of yarn. I tried for over an hour last night to get it and I couldn't. I watched the how-to video on this morning and tried again and I still can't quite do it. I will continue to practice this afternoon while watching football but if after an hour I still can't do it, I'm going to give up and work on the crocheted slippers I started for myself before I decided to learn to knit, then abandoned when my knitting obsession took over. :-)

If I just can't get Magic Loop, should I try dpns? I do have a local knitting group where I can get some help, but it's almost just too embarrassing. :-) My yarn is turning into a mess and I don't even know if it's usable after I knitted and pulled it out a zillion times.


UPDATE: I got it! Whew, I figured it out. My only issue is I have a hard time moving the stitches from the cable back onto the needle. I think I knit pretty tight, even though I tried real hard not to! I was planning to make the 5 stitches per inch sock, and my gauge was 7 stitches per inch, using a size 6 needle. There is a pattern for a 7 stitches per inch sock in the book. It calls for fingering or sportweight yarn and I'm using worsted. So I'm thinking I could just use that pattern, even though I'm using a different weight yarn? Do you know what I'm saying? I am trying one more gauge swatch though using size 7 needles. After that I'm just going to go for it and hope they fit. :-)


Chris said...

I found a bunch of videos on this site that might help. I think the are actually Cat Bordhi. The magic loop is among them. don't give up--you will learn. Also her method on 2 circs makes it look really easy and I think I am going to try it. I have only ever used dp's. I ordered 2 size 2 16" circs from knit picks and can't wait to get them--although I will probably not do it till after Christmas now. Best of luck- You might want to try getting some help from your local yarn shop but the videow on this site are great

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

Oh Yeah!! I tried to post a comment earlier, but my dial-up puked out on me. I'm glad you got it!

Now I need to watch some videos to see if my version of magic loop is the real deal - I'm not really sure.

Good luck with the sock!