Monday, October 8, 2007

Fearless knitting and sock woes!

"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do."
Henry Ford

This quote was in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's At Knit's End, Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much. After I finish Lindsey's scarf I want to get started on some "real projects". But I'm afraid I'll be the first knitter who cannot knit a sweater or socks! I've been crocheting for over 10 years and I consider myself fairly good at it, but I've never made anything that had to be fitted in any way. I've always made afghans, dishcloths, coasters, doilies and things like that. I've never had to worry about gauge. Everything always turned out an appropriate size (except maybe the afghan I made my youngest sister that turned out really BIG! but she likes it anyway).

I really can't afford to buy a sweater's worth of yarn and then have it not fit in the end! But I'd love to make myself one someday. I probably need to just take it one step at a time and not fear it! Stephanie says she is surprised to hear of knitters like me, who are afraid to take on a big project or make a mistake. She says "Be afraid of skydiving. Be afraid of wild boar. Be fearless with knitting."

I will try to take her advice! As she also says: " one has ever been killed or maimed by being adventurous with knitting, no matter how pointy the needles."

So I am ready to make my first pair of socks - BUT - I need help!!! Bombard me with your suggestions. I don't know what yarn to buy, I don't know what needles to get, I don't know if I should use dpns or two circulars or magic loop. At first I thought I'd try magic loop right away and was fairly set on that, then I thought maybe I should use dpns for my first socks and my first project in the round, and then I thought, I'm not sure! I'm confused! I can't wait to get started but I don't know what to do. I was thinking I would go to my LYS and ask for some help, but with my 2 little ones I don't know when I will be able to get there, so my best bet might be to order what I need online. But what to get? HELP!!!!!!!!!


Chris said...

I made my first pair of socks with woolease (inexpensive and worsted wt.) and went to (socks 101) dp needles. I like wooden needles for socks because they have give. I cast on on needles 2 sizes larger. She also has a basic sock pattern to use. Once you get past the first sock it is easy going from there. Regardless of what you do--I think how you learn will be easiest for you. Sweaters are easy--just start with a basic pattern and inexpensive yarn and you will be fine. I knitted a scarf first and then my next project was a sweater. It took me 30 years to try socks and I love them. Happy knitting

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

I typed a comment, maybe I messed it up?

Anywhoo - let's try again. I would also suggest a DK or Worsted weight yarn and a thicker sock pattern. Something like socks to just wear around the house.

As far as needles, I will go to my grave advocating the magic loop. I have issues with DPN's. It's like writing with an ink pot when you could use a ball point pen to me.

And you don't need to knit no stinkin' sweater to be a knitter! Sweaters don't fit in your purse easily anyway! Socks are where it's at! haha!

wildflower38 said...

I definitey agree with cheesehead with sticks..... Socks ARE where its at.
Yarn: Lion's Brand Woolease
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony or Addi Turbos in US 6 or 7 in magic loop or 2 circs. I prefer 2 circs. Making your 1st pair of socks is not the time to fight with dpns.

Let me know what you decide. I'm excited for you :-)

KnittinDeb said...

Would you like me to come to your house and help you? :-)
I use 2 circulars and know some nifty tricks for perfect socks. Woolease makes a good house sock. They can be washed and dried.