Friday, September 7, 2007


I am hooked on knitting podcasts! I really feel I've gone off the deep end of knitting when I'm looking forward to cleaning or ironing or whatever so I can listen to ladies talk about knitting! LOL

My favorite one is the Knit Picks podcast done by the owner of Knit Picks, Kelley Petkun. I listened to all 18 of them in about 5 days or so. (Oooh, while getting the link I see there is a new one!) I downloaded a few random knitting podcasts to my iPod and am enjoying them too. One is Knitting News Cast by Rhonda Bell and another is Cast On by Brenda Dayne.

Do you have a favorite knitting podcast you can share with me? (a free one please!)

Now if I just had more time to knit! It's hard during the day when the kids are up and many (most!) nights after they go to bed I am just too tired!


Chris said...

I haven't listened to any podcasts and I'm not sure I know how==but I am sure I will someday learn how. Always game to learn new things. Happy knitting

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

If I didn't have knitting podcasts, I might just jab myself in the eye with my mouse at work! (Now that is a great feat for sure!)

My favorite new discovery is Sticks and String. I just downloaded 30 episodes today. Nice clear entertaining talk. The guy is from Australia.

I have many I listen to. Some I have to be in the mood for as they are very - chatty? gabby? something like that.

cindy said...

My hubby teases me because my iPod is never far from me! It makes the mundane household chores soooo much more pleasant! And knitting while listening to Brenda Dayne talk about knitting? Fabulous!

You might also want to check out Stash and Burn (chatty, funny duo from San Francisco), Yarn Thing (I'm not sure if she spends more time talking or laughing), and if you're not easily offended, Lime and Violet are a riot! Oh, and Knit Science--she's very informative and has a wonderful voice.

Wow, I listen to a lot of podcasts, too...

Cass said...

Cast On is my fave, but I see you already have that one. Enjoy yourself!

Sheknits said...

I'm not sure how I found you but as long as I did, thought you might lke my podcast She-Knits. I am a SAHM of 7 with a little knitting business. You can find me at
or on i-tunes. I love lstening to podcasts as well- Stahs and Burn is great, Yarn Thing (she is my friend as well) and Changelings is fun...oh and thee is Christa Knits.