Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Knit Night and Lindsey's Scarf

Right after I started to learn to knit I found a local group of knitters who meet once a week at a coffee shop to knit and gab. What a wonderful bunch of ladies! I am so thankful to have met them and I have been able to attend Knit Night twice since I joined the group. Last night was my second time. I loaded up my bag with my 2 knitting projects as well as a few crochet items (just in case) earlier in the day because I know myself, when it's time to go I'm doing this, that, and the other thing and I'll forget something in the rush. All of my knitting was in our bedroom except the directions for the kitty dishcloth. I figured I'd remember to add that "one more thing" to the bag before I left. Well you guessed it, I got about 5 minutes from home and remembered I forgot to put it in the bag. I had enough things to keep me busy for the 3 hours including Lindsey's scarf but I didn't want to work on that the whole time. So I turned around and went back home and picked up the directions. Or so I thought. When I got to the coffee shop I realized I only grabbed the first page and I was on the second page. So I had to work on just Lindsey's scarf after all! But I'm glad I did because I made some progress. I like how it's turning out well enough to keep at it until it's done. I think it's going to take me awhile though.

Thanks to all who have been visiting my blog and commenting,
sharing encouragement, favorite yarns, patterns, etc. This is fun!


Chris said...

Knitting is great fun and you are doing so well. Keep it up

NH Knitting Mama said...

I have certainly done things like that. But, I have found that when you go knitting with others, it's best to bring a mindless project. Many times I do so many rows only to get home and realize I totally biffed on the pattern and have to frog a bunch out.

I like your pattern, though!

Lisa said...

That scarf is certainly coming along! Looks really good and I love the colour.

I am mad with jealousy that you have a knitting group nearby! Lucky you!

laurie said...

The scarf looks great, really pretty color. I made a scarf for my FIL and I realized I don't like knitting scarves- so my poor mom never got (or ever will get) hers! =) Thanks for adding my blog to your side page, I added yours to mine as well.

Stephanie said...

I love meeting other knitters - they are always so helpful! Nice work, by the way, on the scarf (although I think you are right - that's going to take a while)!