Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Making progress

Last night I met for the first time with the Northeast Wisconsin Knitting Circle at a local coffee shop. I had such a nice time! They meet every week and I hope to make it at least once a month. Thanks Deb for all your help with my questions and boo boos!

I made progress on my dishcloth. The pattern is the Textured Squares Dishcloth.

I'm also working on a simple garter stitch headband from the book Kids Knit! by Sarah Bradberry. It's for Lindsey (my 4 year old). (Sorry I couldn't get a very good picture. It's really not as lopsided as it looks here.)

Knitting is fun!


KnittinDeb said...

It was very nice meeting you. You are making great progress. Keep at it and yarn is always re-knittable if you aren't happy with some items... un-knitting is allowed!

cindy said...

Good work on that dish cloth. I've crocheted with cotton, but I tend to knit tightly, and I'm afraid cotton would be too unforgiving for me.

Chris said...

Good luck in all your knitting. you commented on my socks--thank you. They are really easy to do. Love the dishcloth.