Thursday, August 30, 2007


My beautiful daughter modeling the headband I made:

(sorry it's hard to get a good picture since the headband is navy blue and her hair is so dark)

She's also wearing her princess dress up clothes including butterfly wings. She walks around all day in that stuff!

I'm currently working on the Kitten Dishcloth, on row 10 of 40. I'll just take a picture when I'm done (if it turns out!). I was sort of encouraged after finishing my first 2 projects that I was getting the hang of knitting (somewhat!) but now again I'm feeling like every stitch is a struggle and I have soooo far to go to really be comfortable with knitting. I'll keep at it though!

I'm reading the book Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and laughing my head off! (and learning a lot too!)


Chris said...

Eileen was I supposed to ask permission to link to your blog? May I? If not I will remove. I am Kelly's MOM Glad to meet ya. You can link to mine.

Lisa said...

Hi Eileen, hope it is okay to link to yours. Mine is
Cheers from Down Under!