Sunday, August 26, 2007


My first knitted item!

I didn't notice until I was 3/4 done that I made a boo boo in one of the rows.

Kept knitting where I was supposed to purl. (I was watching the Packer game while I was knitting, guess I got caught up in a big play or something *G*.) But it's just a dishcloth, I don't mind the mistake.

I'll finish the headband for Lindsey today, THEN what am I going to make? I have yarn to make her a scarf but can't decide what pattern I want to use. I've gotten several suggestions for easy patterns for it but nothing really trips my trigger. I guess I may just start another dishcloth while I figure out what to make next.

I love that there are so many free patterns out on the internet. But there's nothing like browsing through pattern books (over and over and over). I have so many crochet patterns, sometimes I think I have more fun looking through them deciding what to make than I do actually making the item. LOL I don't have any knit patterns yet, but I do have a few books from the library.

Any suggestions for what I can make next?


Lori said...

You know what they say about Arab rug-makers deliberately putting a mistake into every rug because trying to create something perfect would be an insult to God, right?

I think of that whenever I notice a mistake in a finished piece!

Chris said...

There are soo soo many wonderful patterns on line. I love to knit and crochet both. Let me know what you are interested in knitting and maybe I can help you out. There is a pattern for a dish rag on knitting pattern central that I love called bee stitch dishcloth. It is great to use and simple. You can visit my blog at

Lynne said...

You did a great job for a first timer.

I've been knitting 6x9 rectangles for the Warm Up America group. They put together afghans for women in shelters. Here's their website:

They have directions for knitted and crocheted squares. The knitted ones are all easy to do. And it's for a worthwhile charity. I had a group on on-line friends from Weight Watchers do an afghan with me a couple of years ago. We had a total of 63 squares which I sewed together. The finished afghan was given to a shelter in my town for abused women.

Lisa said...

Eileen, I found when I first started out that doing dishclothes really helped me learn all the diferent instructions. My favourite place is the Dishcloth Boutique they have heaps of great free patterns from easy to a bit more challenging! Goodluck!

wildflower38 said...

Here's an easy scarf for you to knit:
The Stacey Scarf

If the pdf file doesn't work try this one...

The buttercream scarf is the one that I knitted for my SIL and my Secret Santa spoilee at work last year. I made the pistachio for my stepmom. I used US 7 and US 13 needles for the buttercream and US 6 and US 13 for the pistacio. I made the scarfs longer(about 60 inches) than what the patterns say to do. They're very easy to knit... its just knit stitches. Everyone loved them and were very impressed with my skill. It was my little secret that all I did was change needles ;-)

wildflower38 said...

Oops, I forgot to write that I used Patons merino wool for 2 of the scarves and I think JoAnn's sensation for the other one.