Sunday, February 3, 2008

Socks are Done! (and January recap)

I finished the second sock on Wednesday night. I haven't had a chance to take a picture and post until now. It's not the greatest picture but here they are:

It looks like one sock is smaller than the other in the top pic but it isn't. In fact, they are both exactly the same size. I did a good job on that anyway! :-) The color looks different in these 2 pics - the actual color is closer to the pic on the bottom, where they're on my feet. :-)


January Recap:

On my needles when the month started:
-First socks
-Sophie bag felted purse
-Gift that can't be named yet
-Ballband dishcloth

Off my needles by the end of the month:
-First socks

Goals for February:
-Finish Sophie bag
-Finish gift
-Finish ballband dishcloth
-Swatch and begin second pair of socks, hopefully finish!
-Find a pattern for ponchos for my girls
-Start small felted purse pattern with Boku yarn


Kristin said...

I used to felt clogs in a front loader all the time... (college)... i found permanent press is the best way... the problem with the machines we had is they locked as soon as you started so you hda to let it go the whole way... choose the cycle with the lowest spin cycle... it still works!

good luck with it!!! your socks are awesome!!!! i miss knitting socks!

Chris said...

The socks are great. Knitting pattern central is a great place to look for poncho patterns. This is also a great site-- You can copy and paste it into your browser. Happy knitting. You are doing quite well.

wildflower38 said...


NH Knitting Mama said...

Terrific list!

Your socks look warm and yummy.