Friday, April 18, 2008

Thanks! And Socks!

Thank you all for your kind comments encouraging me to continue blogging, even if it's not very often! You're all so sweet! Like I said I have been tossing around completely ending all my blogs, but then I think about all the friends I have made through them, and I don't want to do it. So I think I will just post as I am able, and make a better effort to comment on others' blogs. You're all the best!

I finished my Tidal Wave Socks a few weeks ago. It took me 4 weeks, knitting just about every day, just to finish the first sock! I then made it a goal to knit the second sock in 3 weeks, and I finished a few days ahead of schedule. So it took me about 6 1/2 weeks total to make the pair.

They turned out pretty well. The second sock ended up bigger than the first. I think I loosened up my knitting or something, because I kept track of how many rows in each section on the first sock and repeated it on the second. They both fit though and you can't tell when they're on that they're not quite the same size. The toe decrease section on the second sock is fairly loose. I don't like that. But they're still wearable.

I love the way the colors patterned themselves (can't think of the term to describe that!) in the leg of the first sock. In the second sock the colors pooled, didn't look the same as the first at all. Again it's fine with me, but I like the first sock so much better.

I'm now making the Mini Messenger bag from one of the One Skein books (can't think of the title at the moment, if it's the yarn shop one or the designer one) using Cascade 220. I finished the body of the bag and next will be the flap where the cables are. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to learn how to cable, so I thought this would be a good first project for that. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.

I had originally bought some Cascade 220 yarn for the bag in a beautiful blue color. The first time I made something with that yarn (the Sophie bag I made which has yet to be felted!) my husband held the yarn for me while I wound it into a center pull ball. It went really well, no problems. So with this skein I decided to try to wind it into a ball without any help. BIG MISTAKE! It got all tangled up and after spending TWO HOURS trying to straighten it out, I finally threw most of the skein out! I hated to do it but I had no choice! I went to a different yarn shop to buy another skein and they didn't have the original color so I bought more in a green heather color. This time my husband helped me wind it into a ball and it went smoothly. :-)

Thanks again everyone for your input!


I take terrible pictures. The sock in front is actually the first (and smaller) sock. But in this picture it looks bigger than the sock in back. You can see the difference in the way the yarn patterned in each sock. I like the one in front better.


wildflower38 said...

Hi Eileen:-) Pretty Socks!!!

I'm sorry to hear that your Dad is ill. I'll pray for him.

jessica said...

Love the socks. Isn't it funny how yarn knits up?! I had the same thing happen to me where I loved the first one and the second one not so much... but it is fun watching and not knowing how it will turn out.

Bummer about the yarn... I hate it when things like that happen

Lauren :) said...

hey eileen! i like the socks! i'm glad you got a chance to finish they, they are super cute. i figure i better leave a comment here 'cause we'll maybe never get a chance to actually go to knit n sip at the same time. :)
have fun on sunday and thanks for switching with me!