Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Podcasts

I recently found 2 more knitting podcasts that I love:

Knit Naturally

Gwendolyn's Gifts

Edited to add: I forgot about one more new knitting podcast! I've listened to 2/3 episodes so far and I think it's great:

Stitch It!

I also just finished listening to all 12 episodes of a podcast that is no more :-( called Unwound. It is too bad because it was a GREAT podcast! I love the "Listener's Poll" she had each week and people could call in and leave a voice message with the answer to her poll questions. She would play those responses as part of the podcasts. ANY PODCASTERS OUT THERE LISTENING???? I would LOVE it if someone would start doing the same thing on their podcast. It was so interesting!

Speaking of podcasts, I also listen to some that are not knitting related. First, I used to sew about 10? years ago or so (you can read about it on my neglected sewing blog here) and I started to get back into it about a year ago, then lost interest again. Well now I'm wanting to sew again so I've been listening to some sewing podcasts to get inspired.

Stitch by Stitch with SewMommy (Connie has been a good friend of mine for years, I love her new podcast!)

Sew Forth Now

Material Mama

Grandma's Sewing Cabinet

Miss You Sew Much (only 2 episodes but they were good, wish they would do more)

And two aviation-related podcasts (I'm fascinated by this stuff, I love to fly! "Betty" is full of funny and interesting stories.)

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Fly With Me

What is your favorite podcast?


Susannah said...

Have you visited Free podcasts, some free pattern, and the yarn is out of this world (I learned to knit in Dec '05)

Eileen said...

Yes I love Knit Picks! I am making my socks with the harmony needles, love them! I just ordered 3 more smaller sizes of circs for my next pair of socks. I am also using Knit Picks yarn for the socks I am currently making. It is nice. The Knit Picks podcast was the first one I listened to also. So yes I've visited Knit Picks! :-)

wildflower38 said...

I like Miriam's Knitscience and Knitpicks podcasts the best.